Importance of Compliance

With industry-specific requirements, organisations are required to comply with an increasingly regulated environment. In order to avoid financial penalties and damage to your brand, our compliance recording solutions have been designed to meet your specific needs. Every industry has its own set of requirements, and those demands are regularly growing and changing.

Red Box helps you meet the need for compliance recording. Our Quantify voice and data recording solution enables you to keep a record of all voice communications, store data securely, and comply with strict retention policies requiring that data is accessible for investigation and auditing.

Quantify has the flexibility to help you adapt as regulations change.


  • Compliance recording in financial sectors
  • Compliance recording in contact sectors
  • Compliance recording in government
  • Built-in resilience and flexibility
  • A single, flexible software solution

Obtaining Compliance

Legacy recording systems can be a barrier to compliance as they may store card security codes after authorisation. Even if this data is encrypted, it is not acceptable.

Manually pausing and resuming call recording is also not an acceptable method of protecting card-holder data. Agents may forget to pause the recording of sensitive card-holder data, or they might forget to resume recording, resulting in the failure to capture details of customer transactions.

ADDCOM Wave provides a state-of-the-art recording system which automates PCI DSS compliance. It helps to build higher levels of trust with existing and new customers through the assurance that their credit card information is safe.

PCI DSS Solutions

ADDCOM Wave PCI DSS solutions provide a seamless, integrated and compliant process ensuring that card data is never recorded or stored by agents.

PCI de-scoping is available as an alternative. In this instance, calls are transferred to an automated credit card payment system, using Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or customers use their telephone keypads to enter the card data whilst on the telephone phone to an agent.

If you outsource payment channels to a compliant service provider this does not automatically equate to PCI DSS compliance. ADDCOM Wave will review your current processes to determine the most cost-effective option and the best routes to take from a compliance perspective.

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