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In the fast-paced world of contact centres, keeping track of agent performance and customer satisfaction is essential.

Smart Interactions moves quality management beyond the boundaries of traditional solutions and provides deeper insight into the real-time working practices of contact centers.

It enables the retrieval and evaluation of high volumes of calls to optimise agent performance and enhance the customer experience during every interaction. The advanced functionality includes speech analytics to rapidly identify changing trends and agent engagement tools that assist in the delivery of more effective training to meet key customer satisfaction metrics.

Smart Interactions significantly improves customer satisfaction by increasing agent engagement. It encourages agents to become more involved using self-assessment tools and dashboards to track their own performance and identify areas where improvements are required.

Agent Involvement

The level of agent attentiveness and responsiveness, communication skills, familiarity with customer requirements, product knowledge and attitude can significantly impact customer satisfaction. When customers feel that they are not receiving personal attention, they often abandon the call. If this becomes a regular occurrence, they soon give up on the company as well.

It is also important to monitor agent satisfaction and training. Studies show that only 41% of agents are satisfied with their jobs and just 35% feel a sense of achievement. Such dissatisfaction leads to low morale, stress and under-performance. In fact, the most common reason for agents leaving is that they have not received timely or effective coaching.

Redefining Quality Management

Smart Interactions is available in three different versions – CaptureAnalyse, and Transform. Functionality of all three versions can be extended via a number of add-ons: Speech AnalyticsScreen Recording, and C-Sat. All versions support integration with other software systems and have the flexibility to be customized to specific requirements.

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