The ABTC Group Difference

ABTC Group provides the full suite of telephony, peripherals, recording, transcription and analytics and mobile coverage remediation, network, and security management though our strong and diverse, national and international partner network. ABTC Group serves diverse array of clients across industries, including; corporate, hospitality, retail, automotive, emergency services, government departments, financial services and more.

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The Wave Advantage

Intuitive and Fast Interface

Easy to learn and use, the browser-based user interface allows recordings to be rapidly located and replayed without software to be installed on client PCs.

Full Feature-Set

ADDCOM Wave includes interaction recording and retrieval, comprehensive search criteria, full audit trail, audio tagging, group-based security, unlimited users, and basic reporting.

Unlimited Scalability

With a modular design, SQL database technology and support for SAN-based storage, there is no limit to the number of recordings that can be held in the system to eliminate the need for archiving.

Event Reconstruction

Captures, consolidates, synchronises, and contextualises information from diverse multimedia sources into a timeline that provides insight into what happened.

Active Directory Integration (with VPN connection) 

This simplifies the configuration process by automatically importing users, groups, and security permissions from an Active Directory. This enables users to login automatically using their Windows login details.


ADDCOM Wave seamlessly integrates with other applications including CRM, Learning Management Systems, ERP, and non-standard payment portals for PCI DSS compliance.

PCI-DSS Compliance

A range of options to automate PCI-DSS compliance with a seamless, integrated, and compliant process to ensure that personal card data is never recorded or stored by agents.

Quality Management (QM) 

Option For more functionality, QM provides dynamic quality assessment forms, advanced reporting, scheduling, targeting, agent portals, self-assessments, e-coaching, dashboards and LMS integration.

ADDCOM Wave supports the recording of ISDN, SIP, analogue, DASS2 and DPNSS trunks. ADDCOM Wave supports recording of digital, IP, DECT and analogue handsets from most major vendors as well as many of the lesser brands.

No retention limits on how long you want to keep your recording and no risk of excess data charges. The Addcom Wave can operate on any 8×8 system and is built to perform with all X1 to X8 licenses with the sweet spot being the X1 to x4 categories.


With estimates showing around 12.4 billion telephone calls taking place each day, it has never been more important for organisations to keep records of all such interactions with customers. Installing an efficient recording solution will ensure the delivery of the best possible customer service as well as providing a layer of protection to rapidly resolve any possible dispute as to who said what during a call.


Intuitive Interface

Simple Deployment


Intuitive and Responsive Interface

Export Recordings

Quality Management Add-On

Flexible Security

Multiple User Profiles

Full Audit Trial

Flexible Search Criteria

Add Notes and Tags to Recordings

PCI/DSS Compliant


Wave Analytics combines the world’s best transcription technology with a powerful toolset and proven analytical methods enabling contact centres to handle high volumes of data with ease. The transcription engine, developed in partnership with the University of Cambridge, uses deep neural networks to achieve an average accuracy of 85% on recordings. It has been independently benchmarked and consistently outperforms other leading systems.

As well as offering a comprehensive range of standard reports, more advanced users can use the built in tools to analyse multi-channel data in greater depth using a full range of machine learning and statistical techniques, Wave Analytics also links to third party analytics tools enabling users to gain even deeper insights to enhance performance and productivity.

Omni-Channel Recording

ADDCOM Wave Omni-channel recording captures all communication channels and stores it centrally for easy access. The data can then be used for quality assurance and analytics.

Recent studies show that up to 80% of contact centres now use email channels, 53% web, 38% chat, and 27% social media. The 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report forecasts a staggering 87% increase in the use of these non-voice methods of interaction, meaning the amount of communication traffic on these channels will exponentially increase.

Smart Interactions

Smart Interactions significantly improves customer satisfaction by increasing agent engagement. It encourages agents to become more involved using self-assessment tools and dashboards to track their own performance and identify areas where improvements are required.

Gamification can also be implemented to give high performing agents the recognition and sense of achievement they need. The system helps to identify skills gaps and uses e-coaching to increase agent engagement and reduce churn


Interaction Recording

Quality Monitoring


Quality Management



Agent Training