Wave Analytics

Tool to analyse multi-channel data in greater depth using a full range of machine learning and statistical techniques


Helps to build higher levels of trust through the assurance that your credit card information is safe


Recordings are automatically transcribed into text with colour coding, making it quicker and easier to identify the important constituent parts of calls.

Wave Recording

Addcom Wave omni channel recording enables all channels (Calls, SMS, IM and Email) to be captured and stored on a single platform

Wave Mobile Recording

The ability to manage your mobile interactions and meet compliance regulations in a manner that protects your personal privacy.

WorkForce Optimization

Moves quality management beyond the boundaries of traditional solutions and provides deeper insight into the real-time working practices of organisations and contact centers

Screen Capture

When interactions are replayed by contact center managers, agent screen activities are synchronized with call recordings to better analyse the customer experience and enhance the review process.

Short Introduction

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