Automated Speech Transcription enables users to easily identify content of interest many times faster than having to manually listen to entire recordings or search for the relevant parts. The Liquid Voice solution also enables the analysis of any data that can be stored as text including email, SMS and instant messaging. In addition, historical recordings stored on old, legacy systems can be imported for further detailed analysis without any loss of data.

With class-leading levels of accuracy, Automated Speech Transcription is a viable solution for organisations of every size and will enhance the customer experience whilst achieving a rapid ROI in a wide range of dispute resolution, compliance, quality management and safety critical applications.

How does it work?

Liquid Voice’s Automated Speech Transcription solution allows any number of words or phrases to be used to locate specific types of recordings and eliminates the time consuming and costly manual search and review processes. It allows ‘semantic’ searches so if ‘bike’ was the chosen criteria it would also find matches for bicycle, cycle and all plural forms. This provides greater granularity and more detailed contextual insights into communications across multiple channels without the limitations of previous generation systems that held back the uptake of this technology.

Search results are ordered so that the closest matches are displayed first as text summaries. Recordings are automatically transcribed into text with different speakers colour coded making it quicker and easier to identify the important constituent parts of calls. Users can click on particular words or phrases in a transcript to start playback at that point or listen to the whole recording. Clicking on any particular recording instantly locates other similar recordings. Automated Speech Transcription can automate the call classification process and better understand the component parts of every interaction. The DNA of calls is automatically analysed to provide a true picture of agent performance and determine where real gains can be achieved set against a benchmark.

Sentiment within interactions can also be identified based on the incidence of positive or negative words and phrases.

As well as achieving unparalleled levels of speed and accuracy, Automated Speech Transcription provides a better understanding of the context of every interaction, eliminating the limitations of traditional phonetic-based systems.

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