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Value-Added Unified Communications Solutions Provider

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Our Solutions

ABTC Group provides a broad range of solutions for your business or organisation.

Our Clients

ABTC Group has a wide range of satisfied clients across a diverse range of industries. 

The ABTC Group Difference

ABTC Group provides the full suite of telephony, peripherals, recording, transcription and analytics and mobile coverage remediation, network, and security management though our strong and diverse, national and international partner network. ABTC Group serves diverse array of clients across industries, including; corporate, hospitality, retail, automotive, emergency services, government departments, financial services and more.

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How could ABTC Group make a difference in your business or organisation?

Our Peripherals

ABTC Group procures a wide range of peripherals from our long spanning partnerships with leading vendors and distributors

Careers with ABTC Group

ABTC Group is constantly looking for new skills and expertise to bring our organisation forward. 

About Us

Industry background and knowledge of ABTC Group is backed by a 30 year telecommunications history — both in terms of operations and the extensive experience of its key Directors, and Senior Management Team. ABTC Group sales, operational and technical employees all have extensive experience in telecommunications and continue to receive ongoing training and development, as well as up to date product and service accreditation.

Strong Partnerships

ABTC Group has built unparalleled business partnerships with all its major suppliers. These relationships are central to ABTC Group’s ability to provide the most advanced technology solutions coupled with outstanding service to its clients. As a result of these strong relationships, ABTC Group has secured several exclusive arrangements with service providers and manufacturers.

National Logistics

ABTC Group’s reach is one of the strongest in Australia, with a network of over 2500 authorised resellers nationally. ABTC Group has extensive horizontal and vertical industry connections to ensure clients receive the optimal level of service and can remain assured that peripherals will be delivered via the quickest route. 

Reputation and Reliability

ABTC Group has a well-earned reputation within the industry for quality and reliability. In addition to having a diversified product portfolio and warehousing facility, and of course ample stock, ABTC Group also has a dedicated service division, which is unique in this industry. ABTC Group is partnered with some of the biggest service organisations in the telecommunications industry.

Company Values

ABTC Group prides itself on being customer focused, with a clear focus on trust, integrity, honesty and a high service level. Encouraging teamwork and customer satisfaction is a vital part of the company’s culture and Directors and Managers are all hands-on within the business.